Winter Travel Tips with Carl Thompson

Driving home for Christmas. My favourite Christmas song, in case you're wondering. It somehow encapsulates everything about that long journey home to see the folks, armed to the teeth with gifts and an unquenchable appetite to eat, drink and get horizontal on the couch for three days.

However, when Chris Rea wrote Driving Home for Christmas stuck in London traffic on the way back to Middlesbrough back in '78, he certainly didn't have Lab Series to hand to aid his commute. (Yes I appreciate that's the most tenuous Christmas connection I've made yet, but I get an A for effort).

Whilst many of us, like poor Chris, will have to endure a miserable schlepp stuck in traffic; cancelled trains, planes, flat tyres etc. We can at least take solace that we'll arrive in style and well groomed thanks to my LAB SERIES winter travel picks. Here's what I'll be using...
For Shaving:Less luggage the better. This Grooming Oil will ensure your travel kit won't be packed to the point of bursting. Especially cool if you're travelling by plane and need to declare those liquids. When it comes to the actual shave it ensures high-glide razor protection against nicks and cuts whilst delivering, dispelling any beard-related itch and discomfort.

For that Post-Travel Boost:You know what it’s like after a long journey. You want to look like you've led a decent life since you been away from home. Instant Filter Moisturiser rebalances the look of overall skin tone in just one swipe.

For that winter sun:This is a must. When you're going for those winter walks to work off that turkey or just out playing the role of cool uncle, don't forget to give your skin something to battle the elements, namely that winter sun. This lightweight moisturiser with SPF helps combat the visible effects of sun that can lead to dehydrated skin and the look of stress and premature ageing.

For convenience:Yes I'm a sucker for decent face wash. I've said this a dozen times about how you can detect the poor face wash when it doesn't lather in your hands. This Multi Action Face Wash is an effective lathering system which dissolves excess oil and unclogs pores. That's right, you'll be ready for those Family Christmas photos if you thrash some of this on before the shenanigans begin.

For those jet-lagged dark circles:You might be flying home for Christmas. That sounds like Chris Rea with money right? (You know he was only driving because the record company refused to pay his train fare? True blue). Power V Instant Eye delivers five key actions to boost moisture and instantly lift and tighten the look of skin. You only need a dab of this on your fingertips and apply, so don't go nuts. You'll step off that private plane looking a million bucks.

For prevention of chapped lips:This winter, make sure the cold snap doesn't take its toll on your lips. This LS Lip Tech balm delivers a high-performance formula that refreshes and keeps lips hydrated, leaving them soft and feeling smooth.

For combating fatigue:We're on the home straight people. Literally. So you want to look like you've just stepped out of a health spa? That you're skin has somehow been entered into a skin pageantry contest and come second only to Beyonce? LAB SERIES has developed an age rescue lotion that unleashes the power of ginseng to help save skin from the visible effects of ageing, stress and fatigue. So make sure feeling top of the pops this winter. Lots of parties, lots of late nights and lots of people wanting to take your picture. Including yourself.

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