Winter Skincare Essentials with @HoweyDon

Looking after your skin all year round shouldn't be a daunting regime if you understand your skin type and how it changes with the weather. Having a combination skin type like me, it might become trickier to be able to manage a healthy skin, but here are my top skin care tips that help me stay in check...
Clean Towels
Part of my bedtime grooming ritual is washing my face with the LAB SERIES Multi-Action Face Wash. This is particularly important after a long day of being out and about, exposing my skin to pollution from the environment and dirt transfer from my hands to my face, which causes breakouts.

My top tip: After washing your face, use a dry and clean face towel, to prevent clogged up pores. Do not rub your face, pat it instead to prevent irritations and keeping the wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

Give your skin a drink
For any skin type, one of the best things you can do is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. It gets better when you are able to give your skin some water from its surface. Solid Water Essence does just this. It pretty much feels like a splash of water, especially for dry and tired skin. For days when I'm jet-lagged or had a long night, the Solid Water Essence brings my face to life with that supple and hydrated glow.

Moisturise using your fingers not your palms
When I moisturise, I squeeze a pea sized amount of the day rescue defence lotion to the tips of my fingers, place dots of the moisturiser on my forehead, cheek bones and chin, and then bring my hands to just under my eyes and then work my fingers from the middle of my face right to the ends of my face. I continue rubbing in the same direction until I have covered every area of my face. I have leant that this technique is not only very soothing for the face, but allows full coverage and prevents product wastage as a small surface area that is your fingers as opposed to your palms is used during application.

Flush out skin build ups
As the day goes by, not only does the skin shed itself to allow new skin cells grow, there is also a build up of oil as it happens. To control the build up of oil which gives the skin a sweaty and greasy look, and also blocks pores resulting in the much dreaded blackheads, I find the Oil Control range perfect. I recommend introducing the Oil Control Clay Cleanser & Mask , into your morning routine, using it as a cleanser. I call the oil control range my ‘mattifying dawn till dusk'' solution as it is perfect for long days that go into the nights.