About Lab Series


As one of the original, men's only skincare brands, Lab Series understands the difference between men's and women's skin. Each of our cutting-edge formulas is tried, tested, and tailored to suit the specific skincare needs of men across the globe. Now in over 30 countries, we're committed to continually perfecting, improving, and innovating the best skin care ritual for men, who, like us, have a true passion for progress.

We at Lab Series have been formulating high-tech, high-performance products since 1987 so you have the confidence to go out and make the most of yours.


We understand men's skin. That's why every Lab Series product delivers the quick absorption and lightweight formulation your skin needs as well as targeting your concerns with powerful custom-fit solutions. The outcome is high-tech, high-performance men's skincare that gets real results. Try it and see for yourself.